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From Kekuhi...

"What is the quality of my relationship with this place?" This is an inquiry I bring to my learners, my children, my own spirit... constantly. It is essentially an awareness of who I am being in any given moment. 

Aloha nui! I am Kekuhi, Creator & Guide of Lonoa Honua’s programs. Komo i loko nei! Welcome! We open this humble home for anyone and everyone who comes through these doors.

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Woman wearing a lei (garlands) and chanting while motioning with her hand


Hawaiʻi Chant Training

"Oli" is to chant mele or Hawaiʻi poetry. "Honua" is this earth -- the floating earths out there, your body earth, and trillions of little earths that make up your body.  Oli Honua is the sonic synchronization of our 8,000,000 reflections "in here" AND "out there".

Group of people walking single-file along a sandy coastal trail


Hawaiʻi Stewardship Training

Hālau ʻŌhiʻa's approach to stewardship training focuses on the quality of relationships to our human and more-than-human communities. Through engaging in practices that are rooted in a deep understanding of these relationships, learners will grow and deepen their own connections and perspectives.

Hula dancers in yellow pāʻū dancing on a stone platform


Hula Consciousness Seminar

Ulu Ka ‘Ōhi‘a is a hula or traditional Hawaiʻi dance experience that connects the art and practice of hula to the ecology of our spaces. When we hula we are no longer dancing about the forest, ocean, mountains, stars and plant people...WE ARE experiencing the universe in our body!!

From our learners...


"[Kekuhi] presented with grace, compassion, respect, and a most wonderful sense of humor and earthiness. [She] brought a sense of the practical to spiritual practice. So much to absorb!" 

Mary M. (Oli Honua)


"Papa Hua deeply enriched my relationships, both personal and professional, and my concept of self. I now know how to experience and express myself as a reflection of the life of the world, the lands and waters. It is my mission to conserve, while honoring my scientific training in a way that feels natural and authentic." 

Chad W. (Hālau ʻŌhiʻa Iākea)


"One wonderful thing I learned about [oli] is I can apply it to wherever I am. Being away from Hawaiʻi has been hard but for the first time I felt connected even though I was 4000 miles away. Mahalo nui loa." 

Mele L. (Oli Honua)


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