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Kāʻao Season 2 is underway!

Season 2 of KĀʻAO (formally "KĀ UR Life") is here! We have a whole new line up of kāʻao for you to enjoy all year long! Click below to check out the upcoming kāʻao for 2023.

A new Kaʻao EVERY month!

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Season 2: Holoholona

Whatʻs the significance of different animals in our kaʻao? Come find out as we explore a new kaʻao and new animal each month in KĀʻAO season 2.


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MAY: ʻIole (Rats)

Rats often get a bad rap. But what do they represent in the Hawaiʻi consciousness? What amazing and, perhaps, admirable qualities do they possess? Join us for May to find out!

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Revisiting Season 1

Just hearing about KĀʻAO for the first time?

Youʻre in luck! Visit the world of the storyteller (haka kaʻao) and images (the kiʻi) as we revisit KĀʻAO Season 1. This course will be offered in a condensed format: 10 kaʻao in 10 weeks plus lives every other week for facilitated discussions with a kaʻao community!

The Season 1 KĀʻAO lineup:

  • Maui, Hina, Kuna
  • Kana + Niheu
  • Kū i ka ʻUlu
  • Mākālei + Kahinihiniʻula
  • Punia
  • Halemano
  • Haʻinakolo
  • Kamapuaʻa + Pele
  • Pele + Poliʻahu
  • Hina + Uli Deep Dive
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KĀʻAO are timeless stories anchored in our Hawaiʻi landscape

KĀʻAO: Timeless stories of life today is a program that invites learners to dive into the depths of kāʻao and the lessons they have to teach us, about our world, and ourselves. Kāʻao are tools for reflection and introspection. Through kāʻao, we can see the outer landscape mirrored through the inner landscape.

Learners will be exploring a new kāʻao every month through weekly content curated and presented by haka kāʻao:

Manaiakalani Kalua & Ryan McCormack

Season 2 Lineup

Why Kāʻao?

(Yes the Kā in Kāʻao is intentional 😉)

 Kāʻao are wonderful in creating spaciousness and the potential to see from different lenses. They give us the opportunity to look backward and forward, to reflect and introspect, to see the outer landscape mirrored through our inner landscape, to deep dive into the timelessness of the present moment ... whuaaat?!?!

Kāʻao reminds us that we are not alone. Kāʻao reminds me that all of lifeʻs troubles have already been experienced by someone, somewhere in the world. In these images are all the dances and dramas and delights of the human experience.

We look forward to accompanying each other through these monthly huakaʻi with some of our oldest friends, our stories. Ready for a little fantasy, wonder, magic, and realness?

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How We Engage

This is an invitation to engage with kāʻao at whatever level best suits YOU. Dive deep into the timeless lessons of kāʻao as they apply to you, your work, and your environment. Discover new geographies or re-discover the places in your own "backyard" as you've never seen (or heard) them before. Or kick back, relax, and enjoy a guided exploration through Hawaiʻi story-telling at it's finest. Every month is a new opportunity to KĀ UR LIFE!

Weekly Content

Your learning will start with the re-telling of a kāʻao followed by video-guided exploration of particular aspects of the kāʻao.


Learn to wield kāʻao as a tool to access more aspects of who you are, as a whole, and draw closer to your best self in the present moment.

Learning community

Join an interactive, online community of learners to share in this joyful exploration of kāʻao, the world, and self.

Season 2: Holoholona

Kāʻao are timeless narratives that explore foundational themes of the human experience anchored in Hawaiʻi consciousness. In these monthly courses, we travel into the magical world of kāʻao; combining lively story-telling, guided analysis, and LOTS of humor.

Season 2 will focus on holoholona, the animals that play both crucial and curious roles in our kāʻao.

Pick and choose which ka'ao (and animals) you want to learn about or bundle all 10 ka'ao (and get one free). Previous months are still available for purchase, but will not include a live class discussion.


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Mudhens + Eels

Come explore kāʻao from across the Pacific about Maui, Hina, Kū and a couple of the animals that play starring roles in their narratives: ʻalae ʻula + puhi.



Frigate Birds

Join us in Puna as we meet a fisherman, Keaʻau, his magical lūheʻe (octopus lure), and the famous thief, Iwa.  What do these thieving Iwa birds have to teach us about ourselves? 




 This month, we meet a family of magical rats in the kaʻao of Pīkoiakaʻalalā. How can we harness Pīkoiakaʻalalāʻs clever ability to see things in a different way?




Lock your hubs! Weʻre heading down Waipiʻo for two kaʻao of famous manō (sharks), Nanaue & Makaʻukiu. Letʻs dive right in and find out our connection to these creatures that brave the unconscious waters of Kanaloa. 



We journey into the realm of the moʻo (lizard).  Often associated with danger or opposition, but with curious connections to the idea of succession and continuum. Who are these moʻo characters in our kaʻao? What messages might they have for us?



We're not talking about just any fish! This month we meet an uhu (parrot fish) and his kanaka friend, in the story of Puniakaiʻa. What do these beautiful fish (that have the ability to change sex) reflect back to us? 



Introducting our feathered friends, the pueo (owls). With the supernatural ability to move between realms, what can these wise manu (birds) teach us about our own transitions through life?


Pigs + Chickens

Sit front row as Kamapuaʻa, a kupua trickster that can shapeshift into a pig, faces off with and a giant chicken kupua. What does a story about a pig and chicken fight have to teach us about ourselves and our environment during this Lono season?


More info coming soon


More info coming soon

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