Kekuhi Kanahele 

I am an 18 year old person who really enjoys hula, helping others, and helping for a cause. I grew up in Hula as my foundation to learn to connect to who I am inside and to the space Hula originated and to the spaces that call for Hula and it is something I love and will always do. In helping others, I feel I am being the best version of myself and always, indirectly, helping myself and learning lessons along the way. In helping through causes I feel both connected and in reciprocation to my space and environment and through that, I feel meaning and purpose in my actions. 

I  grew up in the immersion school Kaumeke Kaeo, expanded and grew immensely through Waiakea Intermediate and Waiakea High School, and took the reins of my education and life as a teen student by leaving the public school arena and pursuing my GED. Currently, I am a college student living in Panaewa with my family recording and learning Hula with my mother and spending beautiful time with my grandmother from a lot of my drive comes from. 

Fun fact: Lychee is my favorite food and I named my dogs after one: my favorite actress Elizabeth Taylor, and two: after my fatherʻs favorite Kabuki dancer and he did not appreciate this... Hehe.