"Kūlia e Uli" is the address to elemental energies that is optimal homeostasis or synchronization - these energies are Universal Intelligence. "Kanana ola" are the words that usually follow "Kūlia E Uli." Kanana Ola is the ask for life sustaining, life-balancing energy. THIS is the ultimate purpose of why this conference was dreamed...


The activities and events for this inaugural gathering have been lovingly composed to deepen our collective understanding of and resonance with our environment. Activities marked with a pink triangle are Special Events that can be added to the Core Program to enrich your World Oli Movement experience.

(All times below are in Hawaiʻi Standard Time (HST))

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Core Program activities are the heart of this virtual conference. They offer a diverse range of engagement and learning to all attendees.


OLIOLI PŪ (Large Group Engagement)

Each day at noon we will begin with 20-30 minutes in Olioli Pū Large Group Engagement, where we will set our intentions for the day through mele and oli. Olioli Pū will also be the time for event organizers to provide any important announcements for the daily program.

HĀʻENA (Co-Keynotes)

The intention here is to facilitate a trans-cultural/interdisciplinary learning possibility...both between the Hāʻena co-keynotes (or intense breaths) and then rippling out to us. There is 1-co-keynote presentation each day, following the Olioli Pū. This is an opportunity for 2 experts from two different schools of knowledge to come together and co-create a compelling and stirring presentation.

KANI-KA-WĪ-KANI-KA-WĀ (Breakout Sessions)

Breakouts are daily 1-hour workshops immediately following the Hāʻena co-keynote. Each day, there will be 2 breakout sessions back to back where you will have an opportunity to learn from a wide selection of chant and/or bioacoustic experts. You will learn chants, dissect mele (poetic text), and explore topics such as sound therapy, bioacoustics, and sound vibrations.


We will be hosting a Sunrise Ceremony (December 19) as well as Ao Polohiwa a Kanaloa (Winter Solistice Ceremony - December 21). These are opportunities to attune with the transitions and shifts within our environment AND to put into practice the collective learning of our community.

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These are special engagements offered in conjunction with the World Oli Movement!

We open the Interdisciplinary World Oli Movement with Kulukulu-ua Exhibition & Concert to honor time tested compositions and new chants that support the health and wellbeing of the human and more-than-human community in 2021 and beyond. ($89)

"Wai-brations" is a 1-hour evening event featuring the intersection of oli, prayer chants, bioacoustics, sound therapy and land & ocean imagery. Have fun, trip out, expand...and journey into the very center of OLI! ($79)

...and we mean INTENSE! Co-taught by Dr. Pualani K. Kanakaʻole and Kekuhi Kealiikanakaole, this session is an ALL nighter 8pm-6:30am. Participants will learn mele in preparation for the next day's sunrise ceremony. The question is not "How does this lack of sleep help you to learn chants?" Rather, "Why NOT learn and connect to the mele in the spirit of wonderment and novelty, in the nourishing arms, in the poli of the night?" ($100)

This is a boutique series created and curated by Kauila Kealiikanakaole. Tiny Kuahu brings together conversation, music and the anchor of the kuahu to promote healthy and safe interactions, a balanced lifestyle, mental health and well-being, and overall ALOHA. ($79)


Registration for Kūlia e Uli: World Oli Movement 2021 is now closed. This LIVE virtual event was December 18 - 21, 2021.


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