World Oli Movement 2022


ʻIkuwā | October 2022

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We'll see you in the month of ʻIkuwā. ʻO ʻIkuwā i pohā kōʻeleʻele, ʻikuwā ke kai, ʻikuwā ka hekili, ʻikuwā ka manu, ʻIkuwā is the month when dark storms arise, sea roars, thunder roars, birds roar... 

Check out our 2021 conference page for reference!


Core Program activities are the heart of this conference. They offer a diverse range of engagement and learning!


OLIOLI PŪ (Large Group Engagement)

Each day we begin with the Olioli Pū Large Group Engagement, where we will set our intentions for the day through mele and oli. Olioli Pū will also be the time for event organizers to provide any important announcements for the daily program.

HĀʻENA (Co-Keynotes)

The intention here is to facilitate a trans-cultural/interdisciplinary learning possibility...both between the Hāʻena co-keynotes (or intense breaths) and then rippling out to us. There is 1-co-keynote presentation each day, following the Olioli Pū. This is an opportunity for 2 experts from two different schools of knowledge to come together and co-create a compelling and stirring presentation.

KANI-KA-WĪ-KANI-KA-WĀ (Breakout Sessions)

Breakouts are daily 1-hour workshops immediately following the Hāʻena co-keynote. Each day, there will be 2 breakout sessions back to back where you will have an opportunity to learn from a wide selection of chant and/or bioacoustic experts. You will learn chants, dissect mele (poetic text), and explore topics such as sound therapy, bioacoustics, and sound vibrations.


We will be hosting ceremonies during the conference. These are opportunities to attune with the transitions and shifts within our environment AND to put into practice the collective learning of our community.


These are special engagements offered in conjunction with the World Oli Movement! Stay tuned for more information and additional special events!