The diverse collection of interdisciplinary World Oli Movement activities and events have been carefully curated to help participants dive into their oli potential. Come learn from experts across disciplines and contribute to the vitality of our world through oli.

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Special Events

Core Program

Core Program activities are the heart of this hybrid conference. They offer a diverse range of engagement and learning to all attendees.

*The Core Program is included in all Kūlia e Uli registration options.

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Co-keynote Presentations

This is an opportunity for 2 experts to come together and co-create a compelling and stirring presentation. Witness the co-creation of new questions & expanded data emerging from the intersection of different schools of knowledge. Experience two breaths intensely converging in the Hāʻena Co-keynote.


Oli workshop breakout sessions

Learn from a wide selection of chant, bioacoustic, health, and stewardship experts. Named for the pair of synchronistic sounds wī & wā (narrow & broad), we hope that the mele, sounds, techniques, and new learning charms your spirit. You will explore a variety of practical ways to connect to and deepen your pilina (relationship) with nature. Previous World Oli Movement workshops have included:

  • "Kaʻi Kanaloa: Attuning to the cycles of the koholā"
  • "Environmental Impact on Language: The Evolving Sounds of Birds, Human, and of Oli"
  • "Paritta Chanting in the Theravada Buddhist Tradition"
  • And much more!


Oli Challenge

This is our grand panina (the closing) of the World Oli Movement. We love a good challenge, especially as the closing event. There are 2-divisions for this challenge: Ulu Wale, spontaneous inspiration, for experienced chanters/haku mele (composers), and ʻŪlāleo, for participants and students/apprentices to chant any mele that you have learned during the conference.





Special Events

These are special engagements offered in conjunction with the World Oli Movement! Register for one or all of these events to energize and deepen your Kūlia e Uli experience.

* These events need to be purchased separate from your World Oli Movement 2022 Registration. Some events are included with Early Bird and VIP Registration. Please refer to your registration package to confirm.

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Kulukulu-ua Chant Concert

Thursday, October 20

We open the Interdisciplinary World Oli Movement with Kulukulu-ua Chant Concert to honor time tested compositions and new chants that support the health and wellbeing of the human & more-than-human community in 2022 and beyond. Named for Hilo's benevolent 13th century chief, may Hilo's rains paka paka, kulu kulu…feeding Hilo's perpetual springs!

Kulukulu-ua Chant Concert is included in all WOM registration packages.

VIP Backstage Event with chanters to follow. This exclusive talk story is included in all VIP registration packages.

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Uliuli Intensive

Friday, October 21

...and we mean intense! This session is an all-nighter. Participants will learn mele in preparation for the next day's sunrise ceremony. The question is not "How does this lack of sleep help you to learn chants?" Rather, "Why not learn and connect to the mele in the spirit of wonderment and novelty, in the nourishing arms, in the poli of the night?"

* You MUST be registered for World Oli Movement 2022 sign up for Uliuli Intensive. Included in HUALAU VIP Package.

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Tiny Kuahu

Friday October 21

This is a boutique series created and curated by Kauila Kealiikanakaole. Kuahu is defined as an “altar or shrine.” In Hawaiʻi, it is an elevated place or structure where ceremonial rituals are performed and offerings are made to ancestors or deities, inciting inspiration and creativity. Tiny Kuahu is a space created for inciting joy, hapiness and healing through ritual and conversation. Special Guest: Izik Moreno

Tiny Kuahu is included in all WOM registration packages.

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Kūlia e Uli: World Oli Movement will be a hybrid event, including both online and in-person opportunities. Click here to learn more.

Hybrid Event Engagement

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