Swag Bag!

All the awesome items you can find in our exclusive WOM Swag Bags.

Included with all ʻALALĀ (Early Bird) and HUALAU VIP packages!

Moon Phase Journal

Chart your observations…

…using this compact moon phase journal. The journal was put together by The Moon Phase Project in collaboration with Kealopiko. Each page of this journal features a moon phase with room for you to jot down your reflections and observations while engaging in the process of kilo (examination of elements and self in our natural setting). You can begin using this journal at any point in the year.

Mamaki & Lemongrass Tea

Sooth your throat…

…after a long day of chanting, with a delicious cup of tea. Coming from Anahaki on the island of Molokaʻi, this tea is a special blend of Mamaki and Lemongrass. As a family-owned tea business, Anahaki Farms aims to produce their blends naturally and with quality always in mind. Anahaki Farms (link) describes this special blend of mamaki and lemon grass as a therapeutic tea suitable for drinking at any time of day.

Honey Stick

A sweet treat…

… to enjoy with your mamaki and lemongrass Tea! Honua Honey Macadamia Nut Blossom Honey is produced from blossoms of the macadamia nut orchards on the southern and eastern parts of the island of Hawaiʻi.

Bamboo Cup

Reusable and sustainable drinkware…

Each cup is unique as it is simply cut off at the link of each bamboo node. Enjoy your tea and honey in bamboo while you practice your chanting.

Wooden Coaster

Park your beverage…

…on this engraved wooden coaster. Made in Hilo, this coaster features our Lonoa Honua logo. Each coaster is made of raw Birch wood to encourage us to engage in more eco-friendly practices, while remaining both stylish and practical. If you’d like to preserve the coaster, we encourage you to apply a sealant.


Wrap up all of your goodies…

…with this limited edition WOM 2022 cloth wrap. Furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloths) are used to wrap and/or to transport goods. They were made in Japan using 100% organic cotton. With our environment and communities in mind, the furoshiki were created to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. The furoshiki sport our Lonoa Honua logo which was screen printed here in Hilo.

Koa Sticker

For your contribution to Wahineʻōmaʻo

This sticker is the first of a series of artworks by Uluaʻe Kealiikanakaole (a young artist who takes nature’s inspirations and puts it to paper) for our Wahineʻōmaʻo initiative. This initiative is for the plant people in an effort to promote the growth of our greenery. In collaboration with the Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project  and the Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance, 5% of the profit from each registration to Kūlia E Uli: World Oli Movement be donated to reforestation efforts on Mauna Kea. Follow @lonoahonua for updates on our out-planting efforts! E ola koa!

ʻElepaio Sticker

For bird conservation

This sticker by Uluaʻe Kealiikanakaole (age 10) showcases one of our many native Hawaiian birds, the ʻelepaio. Five percent the profit from each registration to Kūlia E Uli World Oli Movement be donated towards bird conservation efforts here in Hawaiʻi.

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