Hawaiʻi Chant Training

"Oli" is to chant Hawaiʻi text or poetry. Honua is this earth -- the floating earths out there, your body earth, and trillions of little earths that make up your body.  When we chant, we engage the 8,000,000 reflections of ourselves in the natural world.  Oli is the sonic expression of synchronizing what is "in here" and what is "out there".

Elements of Chant Training


Listen with all your senses

We listen and attune all our senses to the world around and within us. We elevate our awareness of self and breath. Deepening our attention to the environment is foundational for interpreting mele text and understanding the impact of literary devices (lonoa mele) within compositions.


Emulate what you've heard

We align with the energetics of our environment through sound. Chant styles (ʻano leo) and vocal techniques (leo oli) are brought together through vocal practice. Understanding the "why" and "when" of the styles and techniques reignite the written texts.


Carry forward

We ground and carry forward the use of oli within personal practice. Mele and oli are not artifacts, they are functional instruments for honing intention and connecting to our human and more-than-human communities.

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"I so appreciate learning the different vocal techniques. This is something that I never learned before. The names of the techniques, when and how to use them. Mahalo! Itʻs been so great and has added a new layer of depth to my growing  knowledge of oli."
Mehana M.
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Oli Honua Chant Courses

Oli is the chanting of Hawaiʻi text or poetry. Dive into your chant potential through our month-long courses! Beginning with our foundational Level I course, each subsequent Level provides the opportunity to expand competence, confidence, and the joy of oli.

Setting a Foundation

In this first level, Kekuhi breaks down the process of Hawaiʻi chant culture into manageable pieces so that you can build your confidence and feel comfortable chanting.

This course is appropriate for all levels.




Attuning to Oli

Continue the journey in Hawaiʻi chant culture. We practice hoʻolono (listen + hear) and work on cultivating the ability to hoʻopili (mimic) chant styles and voice techniques through new mele and growing understanding of the literary devices captured in mele.

Open to learners who have completed Level I.

Growing Your Practice

This is an opportunity to begin fine-tuning your skills. Here we grow deeper awareness and ability in oli demonstration. We also deconstruct and reconstruct mele with new scales of meaning. It is action-packed!

Open to learners who have completed Levels I & II.

Cultivating Community

400k is our larger chant community. Learners who would like to continue to challenge themselves are invited to join this cohort of chant enthusiasts. Members meet once a month to exercise skills, learn new mele, participate in community rituals and create their own.

Open to learners who have completed Levels I - III.

"It was a continuous highlight to join a global class and to feel instant connection literally with like souls from around the world who have this common bond and desire to learn and share oli"
Stephanie O.

How We Engage


Oli Honua is appropriate for all skill levels. Whether looking to expand your oli skillset or having never chant before, our courses are for you!


We are 100% online! Video content and all learning resources are uploaded to your member site for the duration of your course.

At Your Own Pace

Once enrolled in a particular Oli Honua course, you will have access to all course content for 1 whole year! Move at your own pace, revisit the lessons, enjoy the oli journey.

Bonus LIVEs

In addition to your course content, I host a LIVE (via Zoom) for each week of course content. This added bonus is a time for us to practice the content of the week and to connect as a global oli community.

Have Questions?

Here are some of the most common questions that folks have about Oli Honua.

"I have never been more comfortable in a class, and that is because of how comfortable an atmosphere Kumu Kekuhi creates in the live classes, emphasizing that we are not performing, but are practicing and that she is here to help."
Linda A.

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