About Us

Lonoa Honua is the means and the medium through which to access & engage spirit.  The "lonoa" are the numerous senses through which our cells, neurons, body, land, ocean, sky, mind & spirit relates to one another.  Honua means earth or body at all scales.  Lonoa Honua is the name I chose for my business to remind me of my greater vision, that is:  to connect  people, places, and energies in the universe to one another through Hawaiʻi Life ways.  

About Kekuhi

Kekuhi is an educator who has trained in the tradition of Hula ʻAihaʻa & Hula Pele, chant & ritual for 39 years under Hālau O Kekuhi, named for her grandmother, Edith Kekuhi Kanakaʻole. She was ritually elevated to the status of Kumu Hula (hula master) of Hālau o Kekuhi by her mother, Kumu Hula Pualani Kanahele and her Aunt Kumu Hula Nalani Kanakaole.

Kekuhi has co-produced some of Hālau O Kekuhi’s most significant contributions to oral and ritual arts stage performances, namely, Holo Mai Pele, Kamehameha Paiʻea, Kilohi Nā Akua Wahine, Hānau Ka Moku, Wahinepōʻaimoku, Ka Hana Kapa, and CD resources Uwolani, Puka Kamaʻehu and Hiʻiakaikapoliopele.

In an effort to broaden her service to people beyond the hālau, Kekuhi has developed Ulu Ka ʻŌhiʻa-Hula Consciousness Seminar & Hālau ʻŌhiʻa-Hawaiʻi Stewardship Training to teach basic Hawaiʻi practices that can connect anyone, anywhere, to their inner and outer landscapes.  Kekuhi & her husband Tangaro offer an annual Kū E Ke Olioli:  Chanting for Wellbeing Series.  She is currently developing an online chant course, OLI HONUA, to support learners worldwide. 

"Hula & oli teaches that we are reflections of every big & little being in the world. If we dance, they dance. When we sing to them, they sing back.  And when we chant the vibrations of the cosmos, guess what?  They chant BACK!"


One of Kekuhiʻs passionʻs is strengthening the relationship between Hawaiʻi ecological wisdom and scientific wisdom. Kekuhi served as the Senior Scholar at The Kohala Center for 20 years. She has the honor of working with some of Hawaiʻiʻs most passionate committed conservation and restoration organizations, individuals, and initiatives, one of them being the Kā Mauli Hou-the statewide Hawaiʻi Conservation and Restoration Initiative. Kekuhi continues to facilitate ways of improving how Hawaiʻi consciousness and science & technology consciousness can work in harmony for the wellbeing of Hawaiʻi and the world. Kekuhiʻs most important message in this effort is: "I Ola ʻOe, I Ola Mākou Nei"~my life is dependent on you and your life is dependent on me.

In addition...to hula, chant, & Hawaiʻi-ecology.Kekuhiʻs love affair with music as a way to heighten and expand vibrations of wellbeing in the world, inspired a singing career. As co-creators, Kekuhi & husband Tangaro gave birth to 3-CDs, "Hahani Mai" (Punahele Productions), and "Kekuhi", and "Honey Boy" (MountainApple Company). She was honored with a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award as Female Vocalist of the Year in 1999, and has performed on numerous concert stages over the past 20 years. Kekuhi spends part of her music career with her daughter Kaumakaiwa Kealiikanakaole and artist & producer Shawn Kekoa Pimental. Their most recent single release is Moloka'i Jam, 2013.
Kekuhi will re-release "Hahani Mai - 21st Year Anniversary Edition" called "RE-IMAGINE Hahani Mai" at the end of summer 2017.  


I am at your Service

Kekuhi Kealiʻikanakaʻole services individuals & groups who have a desire to connect personally and/or professionally to the many wonderful aspects of Hawaiʻi culture  through seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, performance and consultation.  She is a master teacher who can teach you how to integrate Hawaiʻi Life Ways into your business and apply simple aspects of Hawaiʻi Life Ways to deepen your connection to place. 

Contact [email protected] (Aimee Sato - KUA Administrative Alakaʻi for Lonoa Honua) for information about engaging your spirit through Hawaiʻi Life Ways.  

MAHALO A NUI, A LEHU, A MANO...many thanks!