WHAT is a "moku ka piko" ceremony?

When family homes are birthed, there is a ceremony to celebrate this completion and bring together those who constructed the home, those who will reside in the home, and those who will come through the doors. 


The language for the moku ka piko chant is adopted from chants of Pele...her eruptions to birth new landscapes, and is applied to the language for birthing a new home.

We open this home for anyone and everyone who comes through these doors. Welcome to the Lonoa Honua website, our online home. 

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Witness the cutting of the umbilical for our home on the pūnaewelewele (world wide web). Watch our MOKU KA PIKO ceremony by clicking the button below, and we've also documented our process in preparing our piko. Scroll down for more!

Watch our MOKU KA PIKO Ceremony


The "kinolau" or plant people that will create our piko are chosen with care and intention. Kinolau are the myriad manifestations of one body form. What function and superpowers do these specific kinolau hold that we want for our new home? Ask yourself this question as you create your piko.

For our piko, we gathered a mix of kinolau that indicates growth and life and abundance for this digital home, for our team and our community.


Kupukupu - represents one of the most fundamental functions of Lonoa Honua and this home, to sprout, to grow ourselves, our learners, communities, and relationships.


Ulu - to grow, increase, inspire, protect, and spread the learning and relationships that this new home will open the doors to.


Uluhe - so that this home may reflect the way that uluhe grows and functions in our landscape...protecting, creating the necessary boundaries for a healthy forest.


Lauaʻe - To be "lau" numerous, as the our community grows "aʻe" upward, and outwards.


Niu - nīʻau is the midrib of the coconut leaf. It provides structure and stability. This home is a place for Lonoa Honua to articulate who we are and what we do, so that you can orient yourself within this au or current.


Hala kī These are hala fruits. They are included here so that any non-beneficial energy that finds itʻs way to this space will quickly pass.


Puakenikeni -  Kenikeni is ten cents; we look toward the financial stability that will allow us to continue to do this work for as long as it is valuable to our community.


Kalo - Hāloa, our ancestor that connects us. The work that we do in Lonoa Honua is grounded in the tangible, physical connection that we share with our environment.


Kō - brings the function to fulfill, and complete. The flow of this space is meant to function as a current which pulls the visitor along.


Lāʻī - to keep our home and community safe, healthy, and protected.

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