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KĀ UR LIFE will be returning in 2023!

Season 2 of KĀ ur Life is in the works! Stay tuned for updates and sneak peaks, coming soon!

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KĀ UR LIFE is brand new course diving into the depths of kāʻao and the lessons they have to teach us today. Kāʻao are tools for reflection and introspection. Through kāʻao, we can see the outer landscape mirrored through the inner landscape.

Learners will be exploring a new kāʻao every month through weekly content curated and presented by haka kāʻao:

Manaiakalani Kalua & Ryan McCormack

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Why Kāʻao?

(Yes the Kā in Kāʻao is intentional 😉)

Have you checked out the definitions for kā in the Hawaiʻi dictionaries!? Ooooo ... go look ʻem, go look ʻem, go! And why would kāʻao help us intentionally strike imagination and inspiration?? Hmmmm ... And cute, yeah, our title - Kā ur Life 😉⚡️

Kāʻao are wonderful in creating spaciousness and the potential to see from different lenses. They give us the opportunity to look backward and forward, to reflect and introspect, to see the outer landscape mirrored through our inner landscape, to deep dive into the timelessness of the present moment ... whuaaat?!?! 
Kā ur Liiiiiiife ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Kāʻao reminds us that we are not alone. Kāʻao reminds me that all of lifeʻs troubles have already been experienced by someone, somewhere in the world.  In these images are all the dances and dramas and delights of the human experience.   

We anxiously look forward to accompanying each other through these monthly huakaʻi with some of our oldest friends, our stories. Ready for a little fantasy, wonder, magic, and realness?
Letʻs kā our liiiiiives ⚡️⚡️⚡️


This is an invitation to engage with kāʻao at whatever level best suits YOU. Dive deep into the timeless lessons of kāʻao as they apply to you, your work, and your environment. Discover new geographies or re-discover the places in your own "backyard" as you've never seen (or heard) them before. Or kick back, relax, and enjoy a guided exploration through Hawaiʻi story-telling at it's finest. Every month is a new opportunity to KĀ UR LIFE!

Weekly Content

Your learning will start with the re-telling of a kāʻao followed by video-guided exploration of particular aspects of the kāʻao.


Learn to wield kāʻao as a tool to access more aspects of who you are, as a whole, and draw closer to your best self in the present moment.

Learning community

Join an interactive, online community of learners to share in this joyful exploration of kāʻao, the world, and self.

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"Sometimes we get stuck in finality and determinism of 'we already know how it's going to end.' Kāʻao remind me [that] we never know how it's going to end, there is always room for mystery and wonder coming forth."

Ryan McCormack


KĀ UR LIFE will be returning for Season 2 in 2023. Stay tuned for more info.

Kāʻao are timeless narratives that explore foundational themes of the human experience anchored in Hawaiʻi consciousness. In these monthly courses, we travel into the magical world of kāʻao; combining lively story-telling, guided analysis, and LOTS of humor.

Join us for the full 10-month journey OR pick and choose which kāʻao you'd like to explore.


Join us for an entire year's worth of kāʻao (and laughs) by bundling your registration for February through November! If you choose this option, you get your first and last month of kāʻao for free!


For this first month, we will delve into Maui's harrowing rescue of his mother, Hina, from the ancient mo'o, Kuna. We also explore the image of moʻo in kāʻao. Who are they in these stories? In our lives?


As we enter this kāʻao, Hina and Hakalanileo are welcoming a baby, Kana, to the world... sort of. With the help of their grandmother Uli, Kana and his brother, Niheu embark on a rescue mission! 


For this kāʻao, we travel to Kona, and meet Kū-i-ka-ʻUlu. We explore the themes sacrifice, aloha, and community and ask ourselves...


Meet Kahinihiniʻula and the very special lāʻau (plant) called Mākālei! This is a kāʻao about kuleana, balance, taking care of each other... and trying not tobe greedy. Join us as we travel to Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu!


In the district of Kōhala, we meet Punia. This kāʻao follows our young hero through his metamorphosis... in the belly of a shark!


Uniting Puna and Oʻahu, this kāʻao is the story of Halemano and his love, the beautiful Kamalalawalu.


This is a kāʻao of self-discovery takes place in Waipiʻo. We join Haʻinakolo as she journeys into the wilderness out there (externally) and in here (internally). 


This is the tale of the demigod, Kamapuaʻa, and goddess, Pele. We explore the "I love you - I hate you" dynamic between these two and maybe even find a little of them in ourselves.


From the slopes of Laupāhoehoe to the heights of Mauna Kea we go for our final journey with Pele and Poliʻahu. This classic battle of snow and fire is more than meets the eye. Come check out why!


Hoʻi hou (return again) with us to the numerous appearances of Hina and Uli within our kāʻao as we dive deep into the significance of these characters. How do these two female images draw things out of us?