K Ā M O E 

Triggering Myth & Dream 

a transformative program

Welcome to this scintillating intersection where kāʻao (a mythological framework) and moemoeā (dreaming) transform how we critically think of ourselves and our actions. We call this process Kāmoe. 

Kāʻao + Moemoeā = Kāmoe

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...your awareness of myth & dream. Through the Kāmoe framework, we explore both active and passive dreaming.


...the skills to incorporate myth and dream into your life to grow your profound connection and service to life and living.  


...within a community committed to harnessing dream for transformation

W H O   W E   A R E   & 

H O W   W E   E N G A G E

Kāmoe will be taught by husband and wife team, Taupōuri Tangarō and Kekuhi Kealiʻikanakaʻole. They will be engaging learners through weekly learning content and bi-weekly online symposia. Join this lively and dynamic pair as they guide learners through Kāmoe.


This experience is designed to build and exercise awareness of myth and dream as a tool for modern living. Join this expedition.

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R E G I S T R A T I O N   O P T I O N S

Kāmoe is a transformative 2-course program (KĀMOE I + KĀMOE II) anchored in Hawaiʻiʻs pulsing myth and dream culture of Hawaiʻiʻs Pele and Hiʻiaka. Because myth and dream are endemic to the human experience, Kāmoe has an amazing capacity for exportability into your own culture, no matter the region of your world.


Registration for Kāmoe is currently closed. A new cohort of Kāmoe will be starting in December 2022!

K Ā M O E   I

Kāʻao as a framework for transformation

We offer this first layer to delve into kāʻao as a framework for igniting and harnessing dream for transformation

K Ā M O E   II

Triggering dreams, manifesting outcomes

After completing Kāmoe I, learners are invited to continue into Kāmoe II, to create action and form from dream

K Ā M O E  I

Triggering Myth


April 24 - May 22

*You will receive a registration link for KĀMOE II after completion of KĀMOE I.



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K Ā M O E  I + II

Triggering Myth | Dreams BUNDLE


April 24 - June 26

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