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ʻAha Moananuikalehua

May 16 (new date!) 

Have you noticed tufts of crimson on the ʻōhiʻa in your yard? Heading into work? On your last hike?  Moano ka lehua is when the lehua becomes red, when they bloom, and it is beginning!

What better time to send a pulse of aloha to our ʻōhiʻa, the foundation of our forests. Whether we see them in our neighborhood or not, they are there, gathering water into our aquifers, providing food and shelter for our manu relatives and much more! Come attune to the season and send a pulse of aloha to the lehua as they burst forth to seed the next generation of our forests.

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The ʻAha Lineup

What are seasonal ʻaha?

And why do we do them?


ʻAha are ceremonies timed around specific shifts in the Hawaiʻi environment that spark a particular natural phenomenon, like: Ke Ao Polohiwa a Kāne (Summer solstice - coral spawning), Kaʻi Koholā (the migration of whales), Ka hiki Kōlea (when the kōlea birds arrive), Pūnana Manu (nesting), Mōhala Lehua (lehua blooming) and on and on and on...

I bet you and your kids could think of lots of season shifts and seasonal happenings in your area!

In the seasonal ʻaha or ceremonies,  the main thing we want to generate is I.o.A. or Intentions of Aloha for nature, for humans and all of our more-than-human relations all around you, in Hawaiʻi, and in the world. 

WHY?  Simply because we depend on nature to sustain us... and so sending a generous pulse of aloha and thanks seems to be a good gift back to the wind, the trees, the ocean, the fish, the mammals, and the soil, the sun, lehua, and the ʻiʻiwi.  

Come! Join us whether or not you know the chants and dances. 

WHAT MATTERS is that attuning to nature in this way makes you feel joyful!

Iʻll be sharing more about the our ʻaha on Lonoa Honuaʻs social media, so be sure to follow @LonoaHonua to hear more! 

ʻAha throughout the year...

Here are some of the other seasonal ʻaha that we host!

Ao Polohiwa a Kāne

Summer Solstice



Piko I Ākea

Spring & Fall Equinoxes

March & September

Keaweaweʻula a Kanaloa

Winter Solstice


ʻAha Ola I Ke Au a Kanaloa

Remembering our KANA-LOA, the long cord that binds 

Starts when the koholā (humpback whales) arrive in Hawaiʻi

ʻAha Moanonuikalehua

The blooming of lehua as they seed the next generation of our forest

At the start of lehua blooming season

ʻAha Hoʻākua Lāhui Manu

Sending out a pulse of vitality to all of our manu-people

At the start of forest bird fledging

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