Hula Consciousness Seminar

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Hula is the profound dance of environmental kinship.  Our ancient chants say that when we hula we are in communion with our nature-selves... we are in sacred exchange with the tree people, the people in the dirt, the volcano people, the cloud people, and the mountain people. Indeed, the very elements that we dance and chant about are also in us! 

Hula Consiousness

Ulu Ka ʻŌhiʻa intentionally nurtures informed hula practitioners by connecting our hula practice to the ecology of our spaces. Ulu Ka ‘Ōhi‘a is a hula experience that unveils many layers of the hula process.


Kuahu initiates deepening connection to our natural world through the recognition and ritualization of the traits, behaviors and functions of our plant people.


The dressing ritual reminds us of the divinities, the energy of the very elements in our mele hula who we "call into" our space, our minds, our hearts, and our very cells. Kākua the pāʻū, ʻaʻahu the kīhei, hoa all 4-kūpeʻe, and lei our lei; these ʻaʻahu remind us that we are vessels for the health of our hula universe.

Hula Pele

Who indeed is the very foundation of these islands who birthed hula?  It is the pele, the magma, the heat, the rock, the gas, the sulfuric mineral, the smoke, the steam, the very element of honua (earth). When we dance, we are not dancing "about" the element, we become the element upon and in which water collects, clouds form, and life grows.

Mele/Oli/Hula & Hoʻopaʻa

Mele is the text, the poetic documentation of the millennium of observations of the natural cycles in these islands; oli is the sonic vibrations that distributes the message of the mele; hula is the embodiment of our earth family; and, hoʻopaʻa to memorize or make secure, hula is all of these.

Hula ʻŌlapa

A kinolau for Laka, to flash as lightening, the dancer, these are all ʻōlapa. Hula ʻōlapa are largely made up of hula noho, hula ʻiliʻili, hula ʻulīʻulī, hula kā lāʻau, hula maʻi, hula aliʻi...a great many genre and variety indeed.


Hula links the kanaka (human) to nature, bridges nations, binds people to their mountains, unites different cultures, and connects us to our dream, our imagination; hula saved our nation; hula should not divide communities, rather hula brings us together. Hula is indeed the heartbeat of Hawaiʻi.

Hula ecology is the primary way we live-into our relationship to the world; our main entry point is dance or hula and oli or chant; and what is hula but the total embodiment of our universe. If we never forget that we are in every star, every sea shell and every flower, we shall never forget that the health of our hula is reflected in and dependent on the quality of our relationship with our relatives in nature.

Ulu Ka ʻŌhiʻa Courses

 Ulu Ka ‘Ōhi‘a is a hula experience that unveils many layers of the hula process. Each papa (or course) offers new practices and insights to deepen your hula consciousness.  Ulu Ka ʻŌhiʻa is currently offered in a completely online format.

See single adult registration options below. Contact [email protected] for any other registration options. We have special offers for keiki/children, kūpuna/seniors, Hula Hālau, group, etc.)

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The first awareness

Greeting the sun or one's own consciousness at the eastern gate of Kumukahi on Hawaiʻi Island. Get ready for an immediate deep dive into the practices of: kuahu, dressing ritual, haki kino, and finding ʻiliʻili (handheld stone implements). This is an intense first course that requires some quick shifts of mindset and mindfulness. All levels and experiences welcome.  

Level 1 Haʻehaʻe Register


The second awareness

Connecting to one's Hiʻiaka (hiʻi - carry in a cherished way; aka - reflection/shadow). Protocols and processes are more familiar. In addition to the Hula Pele, Hula ʻOlapa and the ritual chants/process from Papa Haʻehaʻe, we continue to add to your repertoire of mele oli and mele hula as you and the kuahu begin to connect more deeply. We also learn ʻohe kāpala kīhei (kīhei printing) to create your first piece of ritual wear.

How We Engage

As a Community

The structure of these courses is based on the a Hālau format, in which "hā lau" (many breaths) or may people and perspectives is integral to the learning process. Thus, we open these courses to cohorts of new learners, who will move through the lessons and levels together.


Our courses are offered in a 100% online format. Video content and other resources are uploaded regularly to our member site to help pace our learners' progress.


Each level of Hālau ʻŌhiʻa Iākea is a 3-month commitment. Lessons are released as the cohort moves through the material and learning is largely self-directed.


While learning is self-directed, the pace of learning is based on the cohorts's overall progress. Learners will have the opportunity to connect with both Kekuhi and other learnerʻs in their cohort with regular online meetings (via Zoom).

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